Hi friends,

Welcome to Projek Dorcas site and thank you for dropping by.
As you ‘tour’ around , do stop to look at each handmade item in our projects.  Do you fancy any pretty  ear rings or like to consider a gift for a friend, a family member, wife or skirt for a little girl? Some of the items showcased here like the ear rings are made by the residents of Rainbow Women’s Home while some are personally crafted by me in my humble abode (adventures take place in my little room when the head, hands and heart begin to work).

When I am not teaching (to some school youths), reading, cleaning, cooking or surfing net, I will be found doing some type of handiwork, sewing or stitching. (well, it’s fun and sometimes doing those stuff takes away stress! ).  I remember my first project in sewing was, when a little girl – my late mother taught me to peddle (with my two little feet ) her old-fashion Singer sewing machine to sew some straight stitches. I struggled to keep that fabric ‘straight’ and incidently, the needle pricked right through the skin of my left thumb!  And that was my first little adventure in sewing. If my mother would be around today, I think she’d be really proud to see some of the stuffs I had made. She was my great inspiration. Thanks, Mom.

Well, it’s also nice to have some sewing kaki (friends) to share resources and inspirations – I have recently found one. You may check her out at AdreneSews – she has wonderful stuff for all Mommies out there and some parenting tips too.

There are some fabrics which have been selected to make some of our items. They are either Japanese cotton or the local batik. So please check them out….and don’t forget to visit again to check for more updates and see what’s new in our projects, ok?

Thank you once again and have a pleasant day!

Mrs Lee 🙂


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