Casserole Carrier

I love going to pot-bless or family dinners and cooking a dish can be an exciting chore.
As the season of giving and celebration (esp.eating) is approaching, I think of those who labour in the kitchen to prepare and pack warm meals for loved ones or friends. So here’s this special carrier which was just made……

A carrier to hug and hold your dish to a potbless (potluck) dinner or picnic. Whether it is a round or a square baking pan (9 x 9 x 3 inch), this carrier will fit snugly and keep your special dish warm. Make from cotton fabric and it’s padded with insulation material to help keep your food warm. Measurement is 17 inches in diameter (when flat) and it’s washable.

This is my favorite carrier design because you can flip it over and use the base as a pot mat to protect your table top from hot pots.

It will be a great gift for those who like to take dishes to family gatherings or friends. Help to tote your dish around in style! 🙂

And a great gift for moms on Christmas or Mother’s Day 🙂


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