De-clutter and get organized!

Hi everybody,

Happy new year to you !

One of my resolutions for this year is to de-clutter my home and closets and only buy what is needed. This has never been easy and always stressful….clearing and throwing out mess. I am one who loves to buy, collect, keep (seldom use) and finally, at the end of the day without realizing it, my collection grows into a big clutter. It’s a new year and I would like to start afresh….so for the past weeks, what I did was to stop sewing and take efforts to bring my room and space to neat order….but this work is not finished yet, as there are other closets and kitchen cabinets to look into. Sigh! 😦

What about bags? I have many bags – church bags, school bags, work bags, office bags, shopping bags,hand bags (you name the bag and I have them each for different use). There are also clutter in there!  Have you ever dig through your bag to look for your ringing mobile phone or keys and it took some time because the things in your bag were all in a jumbled mess? I do. When stuff are in a mess, you would waste time digging and searching.
I have made some bag organizers (from batik fabric and PU leather) to help keep things inside the bag orderly. Bag organizer is also useful, if you are one who love changing bags when going to work. So fancy one for the new year?

Check out my designs for these bag organizers.

They are made from batik cotton fabric and PU leather. ( I just love batik 🙂 )

Measurement:   9 inches long on the bottom, 6 inches tall and 4 inches deep.There are 5 pockets on the outside and another 5 in the inside.

This is the wrap-around organizer.


27 inches long, 6 inches in height. Has 8 different sized pockets. There’s a strap attachéd with key clasp to hold your keys.

and there it goes into my Longchamp bag…..

isn’t it more organized now…. to less stress?


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