Making soaps

My fabrics and sewing machine took a quiet break for some weeks (about 2 months) while I was busy searching on oils and making soaps. I was crazy for handmade soaps recently after using soaps purchased from (the maker of kindersoaps had somehow inspired me !) Handmade soaps are indeed so good and kind to our skin because natural ingredients are put in and they are free from harsh chemicals that are usually found in many cleansing products. I had never enough of those soaps and so began my adventures of making some (goat’s milk soaps) on my own. It was fun!  I really love goat’s milk bars because they are kind and gentle to irritating skin conditions. Many people have found the good benefits of goat’s milk on skin. Take a look at these soaps I had made….. 🙂

My first batch of Goat’s milk & honey (Unscented) soap
Note the ‘butterfly’ stamped on the soap with my cookie cutter… not bad for my first round, ya ?:)
Ingredients used : Palm oil, coconut oil, canola oil, castor seed oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, honey, fresh goat’s milk & sodium hydroxide.

The 2nd batch: Goat’s milk & organic wheat grass with patchouli essential oil (in 2 shades)

I used the same oils as the 1st batch but this time added organic wheatgrass powder (instead of honey) which I happened to have some left in the fridge and then scented the mixture with some patchouli essential oil ( this essential oil can be quite costly). Mmmmm….they smell nice, earthly and also heavenly:) I can’t describe that scent to you – you need to get hold of one patchouli soap to find out. Patchouli has been found to help regenerate skin cells and is used to treat skin disorders like acne, cracked skin, also excellent for eczemas, psoriasis, fungal infections, sores, scars and dandruff (Ref : )

Upcoming next…will be perhaps another batch of yoghurt & honey bars with lemongrass essential oil. These will be for my husband who had personally requested for me to make more so that he can give the soaps to his boys at Kenosis and Trinity Drop-in-Center ( isn’t he kind?..he’s been my motivator and  had so willingly  sponsored my ingredients:) was fun formulating recipes and churning out soaps in the kitchen. And so while the soaps are gently set to cure, I’ll be back to work on some leather fabrics and begin sewing some clutches or purses again 🙂


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