Soap Swirls, Honeycombs and Scrubs

Since embarking on a new found hobby, I’ve been restless  and I just can’t put my hands and mind off soaps and stuffs. I was a pretty hardcore fan of liquid body wash until I found handmade soaps. Believe me, handmade soaps are so much more gentle and skin loving than commercial soaps! (my dear husband agrees with me;). And I have used these even for face and hair!
Here are few batches of milk soaps (either goat’s milk or yoghurt) I did a few days ago…..tried doing some swirls (my first time) in one batch.  I added my organic wheatgrass powder to give that greenish swirls. It is believed that wheatgrass has benefits for skin as its chlorophyll has remarkable healing properties and benefits for skin.

Here’s the result but I expected the swirls to be better (will try again in future batch)….

Here’s another of ‘honeycomb’ soap (goat’s milk with honey). I used bubblewrap to create the fun look.

Sometimes we need to exfoliate our skin so I added some ground rolled oats and poppy seeds to give a scrubby texture in another batch……

There are some heart shapes too (I am trying to make 25 – 30), which may be given away for some couples in a Marriage Enrichment workshop or as gifts for moms on Mothers’ Day in May…..

Don’t my soaps look ‘yummy’? Someone commented that my greenish soap looks like ‘Cendol’ (a malaysian desert) soap 🙂 Oh,…I just can’t wait to use them to pamper myself.

All these soaps will be ready for use in 4-5 weeks’ time. There are :

1) Goat”s milk & honey (unscented) for sensitive skin

2) Goat’s milk & wheatgrass (scented with patchouli essential oil)

3) Yoghurt & honey (scented with EO blend of rose geranium, lavender and tea tree)

4) Yoghurt scrub bar (unscented)

They are all available for reserve if you are interested. To find out more email me.

Check out the different soaps (mainly milk soaps) available at SoapWorks.


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