Soap moulds

Daiso Japan has many cute stuffs from office stationery, kitchen, toiletries to a huge variety of household items. I was happy to have found some cheaper  heart-shaped silicone moulds for RM5 (for 6 moulds) which were perfect for my soap-making as I wanted to make about 50 heart shaped soaps for Mother’s Day. I recently bought one silicone tray with 8 heart shapes only (from a baking supply shop) which cost RM15. That was pretty expensive and I couldn’t afford to buy those trays for 50 hearts. So here is the first batch of  30 heart soaps of yogurt and honey ..


Soaps in heart-shaped silicone moulds.

Lovely heart shapes unmolded…

A swirled log of yogurt & honey unmolded for cutting

placed in the rack to cure……. 🙂


What do you think?

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