Failed, Rebatched and Usable

Did you ever experimented something you hope or knew would be perfect … only, it wasn’t?

I started soaping ventures six months ago and there are still lots to learn. Soap making can be very addictive for me (a newbie) as you can see (there have been many exciting discoveries each time I’m in the soaping affair!) In my attempt on the first batch of goat’s milk soap, I would say it wasn’t quite a successful one. Sometimes, batches curdle,  separate layers happen when I think I’ve accounted for all of the things in my cold process soap batch. In my first attempt, the temperatures of both oils and lye/milk mixtures were far too high (Silly me! I didn’t know how to read the thermometer ) and when I mixed them together the mixture curdled or traced rather too quickly in the pot before I could pour them into the mould. And in another second attempt, my cold processed soap (after 24 hours) appeared to have two separate layers and there was an oily film floating on the top. I was too distraught to take any pics 😦

Well, I did not give up or *sob* – I tried to reclaim and save those two ruined batches by picking up some tips from the internet. I did not throw or washed them down the drain as it would be such a big waste of my efforts and money (oils and milk can be very costly).  Anyway I had used some rebatched soaps and would like to say they had turned out great! Here’s one I love to use for washing hands often. Though it does not look smooth on the surface ( or you’d call it ‘rusty-lookin’), it is ok! It’s actually as good as my other ‘well done’ soaps – hard, creamy and lathers well. Each time, I washed with this soap, my skin feels soft and nice. So there’s a lesson learnt personally from my failed batch. I am thankful for this…

a nice creamy little bar (rebatched) of goat’smilk and honey resting in my washroom with my favorite patchouli scent still lingers on…. this gives a new song !

Here’s another batch made a couple of days ago – this is supposedly to be for adolescent skin with ingredients good for acne-prone skin . I made this with a young adolescent lady friend in mind. It did not turn out as I expected – it was powdery and not so smooth when sliced ! (probably I had added too much French clays and bamboo charcoal powder).

Notice the corners with cracks? They could not gel properly.  But I love the wonderful color swirls done by using the funnel pour technique. These soaps are now being set to cure and we’ll see what become of them after some weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed….

This recipe is reformulated and another batch was done today. I will post more pictures later on….so keep watch for my next post.

**A personal meditation for today:
“It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.
~ Psalm 119:77 ~


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