Charcoal and Clays

Here’s the soap, a better version of the charcoal and clay batch I made last week. This will be my 5th type of soap.  Instead of adding two types of French clays, I decided to just add French pink clay and activated charcoal powder. Besides using those usual skin-loving oils, I have also superfatted with jojoba and macadamia nut oil to reinforce its moisturizing effect.  French clays (a wonderful gift from the earth) are known to have many benefits for skin. French clays and other natural clays have been used both in cosmetics and as a valuable aid in skin-care. They work as a powerful exfoliator, cleanser and invigorate the skin to make it looking young and fresh.
It is said to do a marvelous job of removing impurities from the skin.
Activated bamboo charcoal powder is used. This is commonly used in Korea, Taiwan and Japan for their skin-care products. It is also known to unclog pores and remove impurities from the skin.

So for those reasons, there goes my pink clay and charcoal for this soap with a young growing adolescent friend in mind. Essential oils of rose geranium and patchouli are added to give it a light rosey scent. I am inspired to name this soap….as ‘East meets West’. How about that? It’s a wonderful fusion of the east (bamboo charcoal) and the west (french clays).

Melody, this soap is for you. Hope you’ll like it when it’s ready 🙂

these are smaller bars cut as samplers.

I love the two contrast colors swirls, black and pink  done by the funnel pour method. Can’t wait to try these soaps myself.


5 thoughts on “Charcoal and Clays

  1. IK says:

    I used to have really bad skin with plenty of acne. Tried a whole lot of products from Sothys to SKII but none of it works well. But this soap really helped with my complexion. Thanks a lot.

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