BERSIH means clean

Introducing BERSIH soap

Have you been working or rallying in the sun for long hours and find your skin sweating, itching or sunburned? Exposing your skin in the sun (without any protection) for long can result in irritation or damaged of skin cells. Here’s a soap to ‘sayang’ (love) and comfort your troubled skin.

The recent events of  BERSIH  in my country had inspired me to make this soap (my 7th) for those with sensitive skin. (Note: This skincare product is one of my own inspired creations and is NOT a  product endorsed by the BERSIH  movement).

Rice bran is one of the oils used for this soap. It  (has oryzanol components ) is believed to act like a protective sunscreen agent against UV rays (Health Benefits of Rice Bran – A Review ). I added Calendula Officinalis  (pot marigold) powder to give it a light natural yellow tone and to soothe irritated damaged skin. To give it a fresh uplifting scent,  I have also added a blend of patchouli and citronella essential oils. It lathers beautifully and has a lemon like scent.  BERSIH (in Malay language) means clean. Pamper  your skin with this soap and make it feeling refreshingly bersih!
So here’s a yellow soap to cheer you up !

BERSIH soaps in the ‘tub’

BERSIH soaps in their yellow organza pouches 🙂


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