The art of fine stitches

Doing cross-stitch can be very exciting cos’ the sense of achievement and joy comes when you see your end result after it is done. I have always been excited about any hobby or crafts whenever I am able and love doing it. I am showing a masterpiece that has finally been completed. This was one small project that I kick-started with at Rainbow Home last year. I was inspired to do some of the projects I had bought and buried away in closets some years back.. (Thank God, the linens are still clean or unstained when I unearthed them!)

Unfortunately, none of the girls were able to complete the projects I gave….probably they found it too laborious (having to put in many hours before you can see the end result!). And that was what happened to me as I never did complete any cross-stitch project – there is still one (a big project) buried somewhere in my needlework box which I started in the 90’s ! ( now, I’m not certain when this can be picked up for fine-stitching again).

Anyway, I sat up and picked up from where one of the girls left on her cross-stitch piece, put on some finishing touches and frame it up.  Here’s my advice – never begin with a complicated design if you are a newbie to cross-stitch. Choose something simple and finish it.

Yay! and finally, I am happy here is one brought into completion after many months 🙂

Bought a frame from Ikea to frame it up.


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