Activated charcoal soaps

As usual I made my regular trip to Rainbow Women’s Home today to check on the soaps that were made yesterday. We were so pleased to see the results of each bar cut and we call them ‘zebra’ soaps. They are actually activated charcoal  body bar soaps which were made using the funnel pour method and just swirled simply by a chopstick. The patterns turn out to be so amazingly beautiful.

There’ll be more of these coming up the pipeline at Rainbow Home. Meanwhile this small batch will be placed in the curing rack for 30 days before they can be ready for wrap.

zebra soaps

After having done with the ladies and soaps, I head on to the Kamdar fabric store and got these lovely English cotton fabrics at a special offer of RM4.80 per meter. (It’s always a nice feeling to browse round the fabric store but each time I’m there I have to tell myself – ‘not for long’, else I’ll be lugging home bags and bulks of fabrics that will find no place in my fabric shelves… * feeling guilty*  😛 )

cotton fabrics

Well, stay tuned and watch what I’ll be up to next. … am so bursting with inspiration and  I can’t wait to try my hands on the next project.


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