First patchwork quilt

I was very excited to bring my patchwork quilt into completion. However it’s a quilt without batting, I did stippling over two layers of fabric and finish off with a binding around it using my leftovers of 2.5 inches width strips. The quilt panel took less than an hour to complete. I think it looks nice and I am quite happy with the result – my first ‘Jelly Roll Race’ quilt !  (you can learn this from Missouri Quilt  Co. tutorial ). Doing the binding can be quite easy as I discovered it in this video tutorial by HeirloomCreations. I am still learning to master the techniques of free-motion quilting by my sewing machine and was thankful to be able to purchase an open-toe stippling foot for the task.


These are foots which you will need if you want to do free-motion quilting. I bought them from Brother International as these accessories do not come with my Brother GS2700 sewing machine.

cover spread




Using the quilt as a cover spread for our sofa.  🙂


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