Two little blackbirds chirping ….

Okay, finally I’ve got a chevron baby quilt done! So glad to have obtained a clear-view foot for sewing appliques and an open-toe foot for free-motion quilting. This quilt took about a week to complete – it has two black bird appliques which I had machine-sewn around the edges with very close zig-zag stitches .

open-toe foot for freemotion quilt

This is a open toe quilting foot – it’s perfect when you need to free-motion quilt, the open toe allows you to see lines as you move your fabric and sew.

clear-view foot

A clear-view foot for sewing appliques. – gives easy visibility under the needle and very convenient when you sew decorative stitches over any fabric patterns or top of seams.

chevron pcs

piecing together

I sewed up many half-square triangles from pre-cut fabrics and arranged them to from a chevron or zig-zag kind of pattern. If you are wondering how these triangles are cut up, My Quilt Infatuation has an easy peasy way to show you how (read her tutorials). As you keep arranging and see the pattern come together, you’ll find it’s surprisingly easy and fun.


I had to check out many tutorials and learn from the experts before embarking on my free-motion quilt. I finally managed  with the right thread tension but without following any pattern specifically as I sewed (I just moved along randomly). Free-motion quilting takes practice. You can spot some imperfections on my piece as I still have not got the hang of it yet .



Notice the birds? They look like ‘ two little blackbirds chirping on my quilt’ and   remember this nursery rhyme ? ( Love this  favorite ryhme for playing skipping rope with friends when I was a child )  🙂

‘Two little black birds sitting on a hill (wall),

One named Jack (Peter) and one named Jill (Paul),

Fly away Jack (Peter), fly away Jill  (Paul),

Come back Jack (Peter) and come back Jill (Paul).’

🙂   🙂


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