Experimenting clay

August and September were busy months for me (preparing some students for their school’s exams) – as much as I’ve looked forward to creating soaps, I was not able to even make a single batch. I love experimenting and the more I do, I began to discover and develop a better soap sense. A couple of weeks back, I decided I wanted to experiment with clays after researching the different type of clays and the kind of benefits they give. Clays have often been used for skin care and in many spas all over the world and they are known to help stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. Unlike other clays, pink and yellow clay do not draw the skin’s oils, and they are suitable for all skin types even for the sensitive ones.

Here are some French yellow and pink clay I bought last year and I used them for my new formulation last week.
pink+yellow clay

I  wanted to try the ‘funnel pour method’ swirl which I did for the charcoal soap but the mixture had traced too quickly than I expected and nice swirls cannot be done if mixture is thick. It’s was a real ‘clay challenge’ for me – adding different clays and separating mixture really need skills and you may have to work fast to get the results.

Felt rather a little disappointed over some visible spots of clay (probably due to my forgetfulness to dissolve the clay powder in some water before adding into the oils mixture), but nevertheless, I am quite pleased and satisfied with the results.……tho’ they may look like some pinky ‘kuih talam’ (a kind of local layered cake) but I am happy with the natural colorants the clay gives to the soaps.

pinkie soap

They are now set to cure and should be ready by mid November…


and what’s my next to-do-batch ? Goat’s milk ! ...can’t wait 🙂


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