My Quilty Sense

Baby Quilt

Hi everyone ! As the holiday or Christmas season draws near, I’m sure there will be plenty of fun things to do, craft or make.

There’s always some sense of satisfaction whenever a piece of my patchwork quilt is complete.
I am very happy with this baby quilt and it was completed just in time for the baby’s arrival a week ago. My fabric scraps have always prove useful. This quilt was made using a combination of jelly roll strips, 5”charm squares and some favorite useable scraps.

Baby quilt

Baby quilt

A Wedding Signature Quilt

Another piece that took about 2-3 months to complete is this piece of wedding signature quilt for a young couple friend who is getting married. Of all quilts that I had made, this took the longest length of time. Much time was spent on figuring out the designs, size of squares /rectangles, and how to piece and blend colors and then to cutting about 120 squares and 30 rectangles. And there was also the designing and placing of embroidered letters on the center part of quilt.

“Quilting is expensive and often a time-consuming affair”, I said to some friends who suggested I made quilts to sell.

“How much would it cost to get you to make me a quilt?”
This is one question that I would dread if anyone ask, cos I would never know what to say or how to place a value on my handmade quilt unless they understand and value the time and skills necessary to make a custom piece and are willing to pay for it.

Wedding signature quilt

Wedding signature quilt for Jarrod & Niqi

This quilt is meant to be a throw quilt cover for the living sofa and the completed size is about 52” by 49”. I am just as excited as the couple whose wedding is going to take place in a month’s time cos I can’t wait to see how lovely the quilt will be when covered with hand written words and well wishes (by the guests) for the couple .

wedding signature quilt

wedding signage

I have also prepared a signage to be placed at signing area on wedding day.

Congrats  to Jarrod & Niqi !
So here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows stronger with each passing day.


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