Projek Dorcas takes a biblical name from Tabitha in Acts chapter 9 . Tabitha (in Aramaic) which means Dorcas, was a woman who actively engaged the needs of the poor in her community by making robes and clothing for the widows. I am so inspired to use this name as I think of what she did to extend help willingly to the poor. This project’s aim will sew, craft and teach others especially the residents in Rainbow Hope (formerly known as Rainbow Womens Home) to do the same – to make positive and meaningful contributions by using their hands. It is a volunteer-run project to encourage them into handicraft skills and make saleable products.

Rainbow Hope is a christian drug rehabilitation center (that comes under KENOSIS HOME) particularly for women who have been victims of substance abuse. Apart from  their daily bible readings, prayer and worship, the women residents learn how to cook, sew, bake and produce handmades like keychains, earrings, cards and soaps.  One of Projek Dorcas’ objective is to provide appropriate opportunities for the residents to grow and develop while doing handmades.  It helps to provide craft therapy among other meaningful activities that may serve as a tool to reintegrate the residents into community living. Whatever handmades they made to be sold online or in church, part of the proceeds will go to the Home while some will help to cover the cost of projects or re-invest for some supplies.

Some of the handmade earrings and colorful notepads that you see here are made a lot by the women residents while the other fabric stuffs and soaps are personally crafted by me. The women residents at Rainbow are a talented lot.! They learn and pick up fast of any skills when taught. Your contributions or support in any form will definitely be an encouragement (bringing hope and joy) to them . 🙂

If you need more  information about the Home, do not hesitate to email me at projekdorcas[at]gmail.com

Thank you.

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