Hi everyone,

It’s that season again where some of you may be shopping around, having fun and holidaying with loved ones, making gifts or giving gifts or maybe spring cleaning and decluttering your home . As for the ladies at Rainbow Home, they are still having fun making soaps. We thank you for the support you have given towards the soaps they had made. If their hands are not on soaps, they may be baking cookies or making snacks  for sale at church for this coming festive season. As for me personally, I am feeling ‘SEW FAR SEW GOOD’ and I think I have become a little obsessive recently for fabrics ( call me a fabric fanatic, if you wish). I hope this won’t result in a big hoard stacking up in my workroom that I’d find ‘too much fabric, too little time!’ . Talk about leather, yes, I’m crazy about this too – we have some nice leather scraps given to us by a good friend I met in camp some years ago. I have recently turn them into some pouches, purses and clutch and  also made some cowboy jackets for my church Vacation Bible School two years ago.

On a different note, I am also enjoying facilitating a small group in a series of discipleship bible studies at church. Three key words I gleaned recently from the studies, –  To get into the Word is to cultivate a  DELIGHT into His Word, a DEVOTION to His word and a DISCIPLINE  into His word. 🙂

Ok, here’s the giveaway (one) I have been planning some weeks ago and am excited to give it to one lucky winner residing in Malaysia (sorry, we can’t include international friends for this giveaway as postage will be very high for us to bear if you should win!). It’s a clutch (with tassel) I made using the tutorial from here.
Here’s how you can win this giveaway .

Cmas Giveaway 2013

a dark chocolate leather clutch with tassel ( *detachable brooch not included in giveaway- for display only).

Tell us your favorite handmade whether you had made it or bought it (it can be anything from clothes, bags to shoes or food, etc. Anything!)  Leave your comments here at this blog post by midnight 8th December (Sunday) 2013 . ( Make sure you have a valid email at your profile name so that we can contact you if you win. If it is a spam, this would be detected and deleted permanently and not counted as an entry) .

You can also hop over to our Facebook page to comment and don’t forget to “Like” Projek Dorcas page for another entry. If you are already a facebook fan, just leave us a comment below the image post as your second entry.

We’ll choose a winner randomly and announce it here. Thanks for being with us today!

So have fun and keep safe if you are travelling.
Happy holidays and a Blessed Christmas.! 🙂


9 Dec, 2013 update:  [ ‘Giveaway’ Closed ]

It looks like this time around, our ‘Giveaway’ did not draw a good response from readers – there were only 2 or 3 participants… sad  😦
Was it because it was difficult to enter? or was our ‘Giveaway’ not attractive at all? well, we would appreciate some honest feedback from our readers. Tell us where was not right or how we can improve. Anyway, we still have to pick a winner and the winner is  🙂 ……Mary V.

Congratulations, Mary V. ! You have won our handmade leather clutch. Thank you for your participation and dropping  by.

De-clutter and get organized!

Hi everybody,

Happy new year to you !

One of my resolutions for this year is to de-clutter my home and closets and only buy what is needed. This has never been easy and always stressful….clearing and throwing out mess. I am one who loves to buy, collect, keep (seldom use) and finally, at the end of the day without realizing it, my collection grows into a big clutter. It’s a new year and I would like to start afresh….so for the past weeks, what I did was to stop sewing and take efforts to bring my room and space to neat order….but this work is not finished yet, as there are other closets and kitchen cabinets to look into. Sigh! 😦

What about bags? I have many bags – church bags, school bags, work bags, office bags, shopping bags,hand bags (you name the bag and I have them each for different use). There are also clutter in there!  Have you ever dig through your bag to look for your ringing mobile phone or keys and it took some time because the things in your bag were all in a jumbled mess? I do. When stuff are in a mess, you would waste time digging and searching.
I have made some bag organizers (from batik fabric and PU leather) to help keep things inside the bag orderly. Bag organizer is also useful, if you are one who love changing bags when going to work. So fancy one for the new year?

Check out my designs for these bag organizers.

They are made from batik cotton fabric and PU leather. ( I just love batik 🙂 )

Measurement:   9 inches long on the bottom, 6 inches tall and 4 inches deep.There are 5 pockets on the outside and another 5 in the inside.

This is the wrap-around organizer.


27 inches long, 6 inches in height. Has 8 different sized pockets. There’s a strap attachéd with key clasp to hold your keys.

and there it goes into my Longchamp bag…..

isn’t it more organized now…. to less stress?

First booth sales

My first booth sales (Crafty Corner) of projekdorcas stuff took place at Cornerstone Doulos Church on Sunday, 27th November . I was half excited and nervous because I wasn’t sure if this was going to receive good response at church. To my surprise, a good crowd came around soon after the Sunday service.

To those who came , we would like to say a big thank-you for the support you gave……most of you were generous in your purchases and you were awesome! We are grateful. Terima kasih!

The young ones and youth came around for earrings, bracelets and necklaces (made by the Rainbow Home girls), while mommies and housewives shop for purses, bag organizers and bags, etc.

Caught this cute little baby who gave a cheeky grin while Mommy was busy at the booth.

Yes, I wanted to be generous and give the customers a treat… so here’s a little corner for the stomach – a table spread of tea, coffee, nonya kuih and yummy butter cookies (made by Rainbow Home girls) for customers who purchased any item from Crafty Corner . The nyonya kuihs  were actually giveaways sponsored by my husband….. isn’t he generous, too? 🙂

Yes, this is the next holiday giveaway (no more food, this time..) which will be kicked off in December …so please watch for it  in my next post, ok?  Coming soon…………..

Party Wristlets

Three wristlets done for those who are in the party mood. It comes with a detachable flower brooch (which I have personally made it). Wristlets are perfect to take along when you don’t need to carry a big slouchy bag or shoulder around all your stuff.

All my wristlets are lined in the inside and has a patch pocket for your cards.

Also other designs available..

“Are you going for a party?”

“Take me along, please……” 🙂

Travel with cloth bag in 3 stylish ways

Do you know those cloth bags can be carried in three fun and stylish ways? One…you carry or sling it on your shoulder as it is :

Next, if you have only few stuffs in the bag,  just shape it like a triangular tote. Tie one handle into a knot and slip the other handle through it….

and there you go out in style…..

Finally, or, you hand carry it by knotting (shortening) both handles…

I’m in love with these batik bags 🙂


Say NO to plastic bags !
Use cloth bags !

If you feel guilty using plastic bags, get this cloth bag (fold away) we have just made.
This bag will fold up small, making it easy to pop into your handbag when you are on the go. Bring this bag with you to the shopping mall or grocery store. It is also perfect for the gym, shower room or the beach.  It is made from batik cotton fabric which you can wash and reuse.

Each bag is 19 inches wide and 23 inches long. They are wonderful to make as gifts for your family or friends:)

Can be made into a stylish fold-up and keep in your purse or bag…………….

We have also made the reversible ones using cotton fabric…………….where you can choose to use either side.
Width: 19 inches
Length: 23 inches

Check out more designs at the project gallery.