Batik patchwork

I never knew patchwork quilt can be Sew Fun until I stumbled upon some amazing tutorials on quilt .The Missouri Star Quilt and Craft Mummy have wonderful lovely tutorials which you can check out and learn from them – they are all experts and very experienced quilters. I am just a beginner. Remember in my previous post, I mentioned about some fabrics which I bought – I am actually planning to use them later  for a baby quilt which I am excited about. I decided to try out first with some of my favorite batik scraps and cut my own ‘jelly roll’ strips to a width of 2.5 inches. Jelly roll fabrics are expensive and not that common here. I am not good at writing tutorials but here’s just some pictures to show you how I did my patchwork.


I chose 3 strips to match and sew them together with seams of 1/4 inch and later cut them into squares, Lay squares out and make your match. Sew up  the 4 squares together.




Since my pillow size is larger than the 4 squares sewn together, I sewed two extra strips to make borders round the bigger square. Prepare a layer of backing fabric for the patchwork panel and sew the sides together (I did not add any batting but perhaps I’ll try quilting for the next cushion cover). Cut another piece longer than  the front panel for the back. I finished up the back cover with a zipper hidden under a 1-inch flap. You can learn from SewMamaSew on how to attach a hidden zip to the pillow cover.


the back of the pillow with a hidden zip .




My Three happy pillows ( of different designs)  🙂


For the love of minions

Haha, I’ve never before been so crazy about kid’s stuff/toys.
Many had gone bananas over the little cute, funny and adorable minions since the release of ‘Despicable Me’ movies. Even though in my fifties, I’m still madly in love with those soft cuddly stuffs. The bright yellow and blue color scheme have so fascinated me that I decided to go hunting for fabrics (while some soap-making sessions take a break) to make some minions to give as gifts or sell.

Here they are :

minion ipad covers

 ipad/tablet covers              Size:  12” x 8”

This cute adorable minion ipad cover is made from cotton canvas fabric outside, matching-colored cotton lining inside, and padded with a layer of fleece in between. It is closed by two Velcro tapes.
It’s easy to handle and keeps your ipad or tablet free from dust and scratches.
This was made to fit my husband’s ASUS tablet (Vivo Tab Smart 10”x 6.5”).

Customization can be available for other ipad or tablet models. Just email me your model measurements ( length x width x thickness).


 minion pillow-long

PILLOW OF THE DAY                Size: 16 x 9 inches

One-eyed minion Pillow (with removable and washable cover)
Cover has a zipper closure at the side and it’s made from cotton polyester fabric with felt appliqué.
Pillow is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.
It’s soft, comfy and a perfect companion for naptime.

3 friends



I made these two special pillows (not for sale)  but to persoanlly brighten up my own living hall. Color schemes are just so cool and attractive…..

16x16 minion

dual color

Dual color side pillow – ‘LIKE’ on one side and on the other has a ‘facebook’ icon



minion bannner

For minion fans, remember the movie ? ………….

Gru: [sighs] It is just a toy, now stop it. [Agnes faints; panicking] Okay, Okay! I’ll fix it! Tim! Mark! Phil! [three minions come in] This is very important. You have to get the little girl a new unicorn toy.

Minion #1: Eh? Papoi? [gibberish]…papoi?

Minion #2: No-no-no-no-no-no. Ba-boy.

Minion #1: Ah, Papoy! [the third minion chuckles]

Gru: Hey, hey, hey! A toy!

Minion #1: Da, da, da. Papoy. [scoffs]

Ba-ba-ba, Ba-banana. Ba-ba-ba, Ba-banana.
Bananaaaahhh!!! Potato naaaaahhhh! Bananaaaahhh!!