First booth sales

My first booth sales (Crafty Corner) of projekdorcas stuff took place at Cornerstone Doulos Church on Sunday, 27th November . I was half excited and nervous because I wasn’t sure if this was going to receive good response at church. To my surprise, a good crowd came around soon after the Sunday service.

To those who came , we would like to say a big thank-you for the support you gave……most of you were generous in your purchases and you were awesome! We are grateful. Terima kasih!

The young ones and youth came around for earrings, bracelets and necklaces (made by the Rainbow Home girls), while mommies and housewives shop for purses, bag organizers and bags, etc.

Caught this cute little baby who gave a cheeky grin while Mommy was busy at the booth.

Yes, I wanted to be generous and give the customers a treat… so here’s a little corner for the stomach – a table spread of tea, coffee, nonya kuih and yummy butter cookies (made by Rainbow Home girls) for customers who purchased any item from Crafty Corner . The nyonya kuihs  were actually giveaways sponsored by my husband….. isn’t he generous, too? 🙂

Yes, this is the next holiday giveaway (no more food, this time..) which will be kicked off in December …so please watch for it  in my next post, ok?  Coming soon…………..

Casserole Carrier

I love going to pot-bless or family dinners and cooking a dish can be an exciting chore.
As the season of giving and celebration (esp.eating) is approaching, I think of those who labour in the kitchen to prepare and pack warm meals for loved ones or friends. So here’s this special carrier which was just made……

A carrier to hug and hold your dish to a potbless (potluck) dinner or picnic. Whether it is a round or a square baking pan (9 x 9 x 3 inch), this carrier will fit snugly and keep your special dish warm. Make from cotton fabric and it’s padded with insulation material to help keep your food warm. Measurement is 17 inches in diameter (when flat) and it’s washable.

This is my favorite carrier design because you can flip it over and use the base as a pot mat to protect your table top from hot pots.

It will be a great gift for those who like to take dishes to family gatherings or friends. Help to tote your dish around in style! 🙂

And a great gift for moms on Christmas or Mother’s Day 🙂

Baby Slings

Have you tried this Baby Sling? It’s perfect for carrying your toddler when going on shopping trips. A practical and great everyday carrier for carrying your baby comfortably and snugly.

Sling width : 32 ”
Sling length : 75″
Rings used : aluminum rings and safety-tested from
Fabric : Japanese cotton  (scarlet red, turquoise blue or olive green) – fabric is airy,soft and cool to the touch.
Comes with a zippered pocket at the tail for holding diapers, baby’s small toy, keys, etc.

Price: RM75.00