Shampoo Bar


This black shampoo bar has a minty scent and is specially made for oily itchy scalp . We added activated charcoal powder as they say that these ingredients are powerful gentle cleanser that helps to detox and unclog pores . Just wet your hair and rub this soap bar into your scalp and head. You will get a nice creamy lather which comes from the coconut oil and castor oil. It has  ingredients with antiseptic properties that not only stimulate and promote healthy scalp and hair but will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean.  It’s a perfect shampoo bar for travelling, backpacking or camping as you won’t need to worry if your liquid shampoo leaks inside your luggage.

Ingredients :  Oils of Palm, Coconut,  Castor seeds  & Olive pomace, Cocoa butter,  Activated charcoal powder, Sodium hydroxide, water,  Essential oils of peppermint, and spearmint . No artificial preservatives or coloring.

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