Soap Facts and Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use animal products in the soap?

Nope. We do not use ingredients that derived from animals like lard or tallow . However,our soaps do contain ingredient like  goat’s milk .

Why use handmade soap?

There are said to be many healing properties of a handmade bar of soap. Those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, as well as people that have sensitive skin or are hypoallergenic often find relief by switching to an all natural chemical free handmade soap. Compared to a conventional bar of soap, handmade soap is very mild and kind to skin. Absolutely good for sensitive skin! They do not contain the harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate and parabens normally found in store bought soap.

What is ‘cold process’ soap?

Cold process soap is a method of soap-making, made by mixing sodium hydroxide (lye), oils/fats, and water. The chemical reaction that occurs is known as “saponification.” The soap mixture is then poured into a mold, allowed to sit and ‘rest’ for about 24 hours to become hard enough to cut and then left to cure for several weeks. The cold process method is much preferred and  our soaps are placed to cure for 30-35 days before they are ready for use.

Can I use the soap on my face?

Yes! Our soaps are very mild and enriched with oils that promote healthy skin. They do not dry out skin.  However, if you are sensitive or allergy to some ingredients in the soap eg essential oils, we’ll recommend you choose unscented ones. Be sure to review the ingredient list for the soap and please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or concerns.

How big are your bars of soap? Are they all the same?

All the bars are hand cut ( we use a handmade wooden soap-cutter with a metal tool that slides through a cut out in the wooden base ), so you should expect some minor discrepancies. But most bars will weigh about 100gm each or sometimes slightly more. If there are bars that weigh very much less than 100gm, we would love to include a little travel size bar of about 7 to 10g for you.
When you place an order and if you would like a sample of something you haven’t tried yet, let us know. If we have it available, we will gladly send it along, but you pay the handling and shipping fee. It’s fair, right?

How long does a bar of your soap last?

It all depends on how often a person bathes, whether they let their soap sit in a pool of water or whether they dry it out after every use.  A 100gm  handmade bar of  soap can maybe  last around 6 – 7 weeks ( single person daily use) if it is cared for properly (haha, soaps also need to be cared for, you know?). However, always remember to place your soap in a well drained soap dish after each shower to prolong use.

Since we do no use preservatives in the soaps and to prolong shelf life of your soap, keep them away from light, heat and humidity. With proper storage the soaps can be kept for over a year. If kept in the drawers for a long period of time they will loose some of their scent or moisture ( but this does not mean the soaps cannot be used, they will still deliver a rich creamy lather! ) Anyway, these soaps are always made in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest bars available 🙂


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